Named The Can Sessions cause they're done straight to computer ("The Can").  

No studio or big production.

"Fun stuff with some of the most talented people I'm blessed 2know"


"SUNSHINE SUPERMAN" feat. Bryan Stephens & Byron Moore
Original recording by DONOVAN
Arranged, & Produced by eAdams
Bryan Stephens: Lead Vox,  Acoustic Guitars,  Bckrnd Vox
Byron Moore: Lead Vox,  Bass,  Bckrnd Vox
eAdams: Drums,  Congas,  Misc Percussion,  MouthDrums,  Synths,  Bckrnd Vox
 V: Elec Guitars, Elec Guitar Solo
William Patel: Sitar
Ze Mauricio: Surdo
 Julian Blackmore: Piano
 Kristen Stephens: Bckrnd Vox
Britanny Foushee: Bckrnd Vox
Alonzo Wright: Baritone Sax
John Roggie: Horn Samples

"COME TOGETHER" feat. Christian Mendoza
Original recording by The Beatles
Arranged, & Produced by eAdams

 Christian Mendoza: Lead Vocal, Elec Guitar, Elec Guitar Solo


eAdams: Drums, Bongos, Misc Percussion, MouthDrums, Bckrnd Vox
Bryan Stephens: Acoustic & Elec. Guitar, Bckrnd Vox
Byron Moore: Bass, Bckrnd Vox
Jesus Perez: Timbales
Miles Robertson: Keys

 "HORSE WITH NO NAME"  feat. Byron Moore & Noam Dworman
Original recording by America
Arranged, & Produced by eAdams
Byron Moore: Lead Vox, Bass, Bckrnd Vox
Noam Dworman: Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
eAdams: Drums, Udu, Bongos, Misc Percussion, MouthDrums, Bckrnd Lead Vox, Bckrnd Vox
Bryan Stephens: Acoustic & Elec. Guitar, Bckrnd Vox
Kristen Stephens: Bckrnd Vox
Jesus Perez: Bckrnd Vox

"Y-NOT?" feat. Joe Cefalu & Brockett Parsons
Composed by eAdams & Bryan Stephens
Arranged, & Produced by eAdams
Joe Cefalu: Elec. Guitar Solo
Brockett Parsons: Intro Piano Solo
eAdams: Drums, Bass, MouthDrums, Keys
Bryan Stephens: Elec. Guitars